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With every turn of the page, my heart turned to Christ and my eyes turned upward to the One who truly revives. If you want biblical hope that God could turn America right side up, this is where your journey begins. —Byron Paulus, president, Life Action Ministries/founder, OneCry Movement/5(66).

“The United States is the Promised Land foretold in the Book of Mormon—” Continuing, he wrote, “ a place where divine guidance directed inspired men to create the conditions necessary for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus was the birth of the United States of America that ushered out the Great Apostasy, when the earth was darkened by the absence of prophets and.

What do Christians believe. This first book in the Follow Stage, Turning to Christ, explores the heart of Christian belief through the six questions candidates are asked at baptism. Preview a sample session The Sessions Session One: Do you turn to Christ. With a Reflection by Stephen Cottrell.

Explores the attraction of Jesus Christ. In God did not desert America. On FebruFirst Lady Melania Trump led the audience in the Lord’s Prayer at a rally in Florida. The following day Father Giacomo Capoverdi shared a fascinating story about the Hermit of Loreto who predicted the Donald Trump presidency back in the s.

God help this Author: Jim Hoft. U-Turn examines current cultural trends and historical patterns to reveal that America cannot sustain its strength if it remains on its current path.

Combining current research with the authors’ trademark insight and analysis, the book gives readers a unique view of the moral and spiritual condition of Americans and provides specific insights /5(50). The only way to stop our downward slide is to turn back to and trust in God. Government cannot be trusted.

As we discussed in my last series, "America has turned her back on God, now God has turned His back on us," America is now under the judgment of God. The alternative to enjoying this liberty and happiness through acceptance of and obedience to Jesus Christ is made clear by the Book of Mormon.

It gives certain answers and abundant evidence. More than two thousand years before his birth in the flesh, Jesus Christ led a small colony of people from Asia to America. America is a nation that was founded by godly people for God's glory. Oh, there are naysayers who say this isn't so, that there is no proof of this.

Actually, there is tons of written proof that our nation was founded on Christian principles, including the two most recognizable documents: the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. Muslims around the world are coming to Jesus Christ in great numbers through dreams and visions.

Writing for Charisma News, Michael Snyder shares the stories of a number of Muslims who had supernatural encounters with Christ. One such story is that of Abu Radwan, a Muslim man who says Jesus appeared to him in a [ ].

"[As] the forces of antichrist emerge, I believe that America will fade from the scene." Putting the United States in the context of Scripture, he explained, "We are not found in the End Times scenario." Laurie believes that America's absence in the global map described in the Revelations can be explained by one of two scenarios.

>> Is America turning back to Christianity. Hardly. I don't see any evidence of it whatsoever. Mothers can still kill their son or daughter if they feel them to be an inconvenience, gay “marriage” is still legal, the secular religious indoctrinati.

It is a warning to the people of America, especially the Christians. The words of Christ recorded in Scripture convince me that this message reflects the heart of God. Yet because the message will seem radical and even absurd to our American mindset, I fully realize the likelihood that it will be rejected immediately by those who read it.

America has turned its back on God. We see people everywhere who claim to know God but do not live for Him.

The only thing that will turn this nation around will be a spiritual awakening, sparked and fanned into flame by the Holy Spirit of God. We turn to Christ anew who hear his call today, his way to walk, his will pursue, his word obey.

To serve him as our King and of his kingdom learn, from sin and every evil thing to him we turn. We trust in Christ to save; in him new life begins: who by his cross a ransom gave from all our sins. Wayne gives firesides to members and non-members alike, wherever he is invited to present.

He has been presenting information on the topic of North America’s archaeological data since which demonstrates how it applies to the Book of Mormon timeline.

Home. ; Manuals; Book of Mormon Stories; Christ Comes to America; Previous; Next; Christ Comes to America “Christ Comes to America,” Book of.

America is wonderful. We have religious freedom to express our beliefs and worship according to our preferences, but there are also very distinct problems associated with American Christianity. Here are some of the main ones: 1) Infighting. Instead of unifying believers, Christ has become a symbol of discontentment and divisiveness.

The book is entitled “About Face: A Call to Turn America Back to God.” In this book Barry discusses how the American culture has changed during his lifetime. Growing up in the s he saw America start to change its values.

He witnessed America turn away from God over the past fifty years and become more secular. Christianity is written on every page of America's amazing history.

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Gary DeMar presents well-documented facts which will change your perspective about what it means to be a Christian in America; the truth about America's Christian past as it relates to supreme court justices, and presidents; the Christian character of colonial charters, state constitutions, and the US Constitution; the.

Nothing moves the hand of God like fervent prayer. SinceEvery Home for Christ has had one mission—to reach every home on earth with the Gospel. Through our method of home-to-home evangelism in more than nations, millions have responded to the message of salvation, rejecting ancestral religions and putting their faith in Christ alone.

U-Turn For Christ 2 is a compilation of real life stories from men and women who came to U-Turn For Christ after hitting rock bottom. With no hope and nowhere else to go, each person was introduced to the One who can turn a disastrous existence into a dynamic life of living for God.

The two most popular novels in nineteenth-century America were Lew Wallace’s Ben Hur () and Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps (). (In fact, Sheldon’s book remained the dominant twentieth-century best-seller right up until Peyton Place overtook it in the late s.) Although the first of these two books is set in ancient Palestine and the second takes place in the contemporary.

Omar ibn Said – writer and scholar of Islam, enslaved and deported from present-day Senegal to the United States informally converted to Christianity inthough appears to have remained at least partially Muslim.; Begum Samru – powerful lady of north India, ruling a large area from Sardhana, Uttar Pradesh; Saint Serapion of Kozheozersky – former Muslim of Tartar ancestry who.

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Get Books Building a new America with Christ's Values provides solutions to our most critical problems: the need to create enough sustainable jobs, the need to shift to solar, wind and, hydrogen power before oil is unaffordable or unavailable, and finally the need to stop destructive climate change.

The Department of Defense has instructed the. Cahn’s prophet in the book tells Kaplan that each of the key American events since Septemis a harbinger of America’s coming fall; each disaster is another warning from God for America to return to Him.

Cahn’s point, couched as it is in a fictional narrative, is that, unless the U.S. changes course, it will suffer the same. The waning of Christianity may be still as much a baby-boomer story as a millennial one. Measured by religious affiliation, yes, the millennial generation is the most secular in modern American.

Christ's Coming simply reveals what people have been all the time. Paul tells us later that "each man's work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it" (1 Corinthians ). Remember. The Book of Mormon: Christ in America. by Terrie Lynn Bittner | Jesus Christ Appears to the People in the Book of Mormon.

A man descended from heaven after the voice spoke. He was dressed in a white robe and the people thought He was an. Zechariah lived and prophesied more than years before Christ's first coming, yet his prophetic book tells us a great deal about our world of today.

In Zechariah Zechariah [2] Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.

N.T. Wright's "Simply Christian" can be a good option. It is a bit more readable for today's youth than "Mere Christianity", in my opinion. Also, Shane Claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution" can provide a window into the Christian faith and its implications in a way that connects with youth.

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What a book! The Incomparable Christ John Stott (IVP) $ I have sometimes said that this is my favorite serious book on the person and work of Christ. It is so well researched, so compelling, and so comprehensive.

Allow me to simply explain what Stott is doing here – these were the important Langham Lectures that were turned into the book.Christ Jesus, who died – more than that, who was raised to life – is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.” 3 2 Corinthians I have been established, anointed and sealed by God.

NASB.“Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our.Yet my concern goes beyond America's rejection of Jesus' authority.

I believe the problem of Christ's dethroning is much worse, much more tragic - because it's happening in his church! It's true - Jesus, our exalted Lord and king, is being dethroned in churches throughout the .